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          Yongfu holds symposium for offshore wind substructure design and construction

          The symposium for offshore wind substructure design and construction was held on August 31 in Yongfu headquarters in Fuzhou. Lin Yiwen, the company's Chairman and General Manager,  attended the event and delivered an opening speech.


          More than 200 experts and scholars from dozens of entities in relation to offshore wind research, engineering, design, including power generation groups, universities, design institutes and equipment manufacturers in China attended the symposium that is a top-level gathering focusing on Chinese offshore wind power engineering and construction technology. Wonderful keynote presentations were made by twelve experts and in-depth exchanges and discussions on design and construction of offshore wind substructure substructure and the technical issues that have been experienced in relation to design and construction of offshore wind substructure substructure as well as vision towards the development of offshore wind turbine substructure were conducted. 


          "Relying on Fujian province's abundant wind energy resources, Yongfu has steadily promoted the development of offshore wind power engineering and key technology R&D and dedicated to building smart offshore wind power project with our own core technology and providing a unique solution for smart offshore wind farm with equipments that can be remotely and automatically sensed, highly efficient information processing system, convenient and flexible application software," Lin Yiwen said. 


          The Chairman said offshore wind power in China has entered into a stage of large-scale construction, and the current level of construction equipment is far from satisfying the development of the existing China's offshore wind farms. Therefore, the innovation of offshore wind power substructure is imminently urgent. "Over last few years, Yongfu has been making great efforts for the breakthrough in key technologies of the whole industrial chain covering pile substructure, construction, wind turbine generator, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance through the combination of study, research and project construction," said Lin Yinwen, "Yongfu signed suction pile technical cooperation agreement with SPT, Netherlands and developed exclusive partnership with SPT in joint application of suction pump and fully intelligent suction pile penetration control system in China. Yongfu, along with SPT, is committed to the contribution to technical innovation of China's offshore wind power substructure."

          Lai Fuliang, the company's Deputy Chief Engineer, participated in round-table forum. You Xianhui, Director of Civil Engineering Office, Power Generation Dept., delivered speech themed Design and Construction for Deep Sea Suction Pile Jacket substructure and had discussion with the experts and guests.


          The symposium is organized by the Offshore Wind Power Branch of China Association of Ocean Engineering, and co-organized by Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and CCCC Third Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd., Fujian Provincial Investigation, Design & Research Institute of Water Conservancy & Hydropower, PowerChina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, and PowerChina Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited.