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          Bangladesh's largest solar PV project connected to grid

          At 23:45 on September 29, 2020, Bangladesh local time, Mymensingh 50 MWac solar PV project, Bangladesh's largest solar PV plant, was successfully connected to the grid.

          The project is developed by HDFC Sinpower Limited, with a total capacity of 50MWac (72.7MW at DC side), consisting of a new 132kV substation, a 132kV transmission line and a 132kV expansion bay on the opposite substation.

          The successful operation of Mymensingh 50MWac solar PV project amid COVID-19 pandemic is another milestone of Yongfu's overseas achievement following solar PV projects that have been operated in the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.  

          Our experiences in procurement, custom clearance, design standards, construction, commissioning and grid synchronization in Bangladesh have laid a solid foundation for Yongfu's international marketing and operation.


          During crucial stage of the construction that coincides with COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak, members of the project team have worked around the clock to ensure the construction progress. To minimize the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the project department from Yongfu has organized and coordinated local commissioning contractors, resident engineers and representatives from vendors via visual meeting to make joint effort and ensure successful power generation.  

          Yongfu will continue to focus on overseas market, business innovation and project management, provide customers with high-quality service and strive to build a "pilot project" for the Belt and Road Initiative. Technical strength guarantees Yongfu's commitment to brand.