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          First suction pile jacket for Changle offshore wind farm (Zone C) starts assembly

          On September 12, 2020, the suction pile designed by Yongfu started assembly in Mawei Shipyard,  marking a further step towards successful delivery.


          Changle Offshore Wind Farm (Zone C) is located 31-50km off the eastern coastal line in Changle District, Fuzhou City, with an average water depth of 37~45m. This offshore wind farm features the longest offshore distance, deepest water depth and most complicated geological conditions in China. The project, upon completion, will be the world's largest wind farm using the suction pile jacket.


          The design team of Yongfu works with SPT Offshore (the world's leading suction pile jacket EPCI contractor) and innovatively proposed the suction pile jacket that is used for the complex deep ocean marine and geological conditions. In addition to the same advantages as conventional steel pipe jacket, suction pile jacket is also characterized by low steel consumption, low cost, simpler construction equipment, fast installation and shorter construction progress, no need of pile driving and easy decommissioning, etc.


          The suction pile jacket consists suction bucket, jacket and upper box girder transition section. The jacket has a total height of 94.8m and total weight of approximately 1,120t. The maximum weight of suction buckets is around 1,050t (one bucket is 350t).

          The suction pile jacket designed for Changle Offshore Wind Farm (Zone C) is the first application of suction pile jacket for offshore wind farms in deep ocean in China, which will provide engineering experience, technical support and reference for the construction of offshore wind farms in deep ocean. By implementing the strategy of development of integrated energy, smart energy, offshore wind power and overseas business operation, Yongfu is committed to making contributions to a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system and improving the energy structure and upgrading green energy in Fujian province.