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          Yongfu wins bid for decentralized offshore wind power EPC project

          On August 27, 2020, Yongfu received the Letter of Award of the bid for the decentralized offshore wind power EPC project. .


          The project site is located northeast to Xiaolian Island. Five GW154-6.7MW WTGs (hub height: 103m) with a total installed capacity of 33.5MW will be installed. The power produced by this project will be supplied to the illumination works of Pingtan Strait highway/railway bridge. The illumination works will light the spectacular bridge in nighttime, adding glamour to night scenery in Pingtan and Changle New Districts.


          This project is the first decentralized offshore wind power project in China.The local wind energy resource is fully utilized and transformed to clean energy that will be supplied to the illumination works of the bridge and a museum, the surplus power produced by this project will be transmitted to the Fujian power grid. 

          Offshore wind power is an important part of the marine industry in Fujian Province. This project is Yongfu’s first offshore wind power EPC project.

          As the project leader, Yongfu will work closely with all parties involving in EPC industry chain, give full play to respective advantages in technology, construction management, equipment manufacturing, etc. to build a pilot offshore wind power EPC project and promote high-quality development of the offshore wind power industry in Fujian province.