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          The first research project for ubiquitous power IoT passes acceptance

          On Dec. 11, Research on Diagnosis and Planning for Development of Power Optical Transmission Network Based on Multidimensional Analysis Model, the first ubiquitous power IoT research project undertaken by Yongfu Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (Yongfu) passed acceptance. The experts who attended the review meeting agreed that the research findings of the project have reached up to the national leading level, which marks that Yongfu has firmly embarked on a road to the field in the research on ubiquitous power IoT. 


          The kernel of the project is the diagnose of power communication network, a backbone part of"ubiquitous power IoT"through technical program developed in an effective approach combined with reasonable and feasible optimal solutions.

          The project, encompassing research on the diagnosis and planning for the development of power communication network based on multidimensional analysis model, caters to the demand of strong smart grid and ubiquitous power IoT for power communication network.      

          An index system used in diagnostic analysis for reliability and development level of multidimensional and multi-tiered network security system covering network development, network invulnerability and operation level has been set up. Network vulnerability identification method based on node influence and innovative fuzzy evaluation method for power optical transmission network reliability based on cloud model cloud droplet mechanism were proposed.

          The R&D results can be used for a scientific and objective diagnose and evaluation of the development level of power communication network and identification of weakness in the network development and vulnerabilities of power communication network, which will contribute to underpin decision making for overall development  of power communication network and improve capabilities of operation and maintenance personnel in network diagnosis, optimization and efficiency that provides economic and technical analysis data for decision-making.

          Empowered by innovative, smart and strong technologies, Yongfu will focus on smart energy fields i.e. ubiquitous power IoT and power informatization and continue to carry out research on technical integration and application in ubiquitous power IoT, AI, Big Data and Internet integration,etc. for diversified development.